Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger announces Premier’s Award for Design Excellence

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Manitoba Association of Architects, Premier Greg Selinger recently announced that, beginning next year, he will recognize excellence in Manitoba architecture and design with the annual Premier’s Award for Design Excellence. 

“Manitoba is undergoing a renaissance of cutting-edge architecture and design not seen since the Manitoba Association of Architects was founded a century ago,” said Premier Selinger. “Local firms are earning praise and awards from national and international organizations, and I believe it’s time we also honour our best and brightest here at home with the recognition they deserve.”

The premier made the announcement during the national Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) Festival of Architecture at the end of May 2014.

“As hundreds of our delegates have experienced first-hand as part of our national festival, there is no question that there is a new creative energy in Winnipeg and I thank Premier Selinger for the role he and his government have played in that,” said Wayne DeAngelis, President, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. “Without a doubt, continuing to nurture this design culture while growing the community’s appreciation for architecture will only further fan the creative flames and fuel the transformation that is so clearly, once again, at hand, just as it was 100 years ago.”

“The opening of Canada’s first school of architecture west of Toronto and the organization of the profession under the MAA established Manitoba as a centre of architecture and design,” said Lee McCormick, President, Manitoba Association of Architects.  “A century later, the architectural buzz is back with endless new projects recognized locally, nationally and internationally for their innovation, sustainability and design excellence.”

The announcement was made at the Winnipeg headquarters of Mountain Equipment Co-op, Manitoba’s first LEED-certified commercial building, designed by local firm Prairie Architects Inc.

The premier said the process by which award nominees and winners will be chosen will be established over the coming months by the province in consultation with the MAA, with sustainable design principles forming a key criterion. All Manitoba-based firms will be eligible, regardless of project location. 

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