Managing Digital Fabrication: Improving the Dialogue of Design from Idea to Manufacture (November 21, 2006)

Another offering from Construct Canada 2006, this seminar runs from 10:30am to 12:30pm on Wednesday, November 29, and is organized by Canadian Architect magazine. The session will demonstrate how to improve the design dialogue as ideas move from a prototype to a finished product.

When offices began integrating CAD systems two decades ago, there appeared to be a revolution in the architectural process. However, until recently, CAD systems merely brought the drafting process into the digital era, but stopped short of transforming the link between design and construction. With the advent of affordable rapid-prototyping, CNC manufacturing and building information modelling (BIM) technology, another revolution is underway. Sophisticated design and construction processes are now possible through accessible digital fabrication technologies.

Through an overview of some recent projects, as well as outlining a range of applications and services available, designers will learn how to be more effective as the disconnect between design and construction narrows. The session will also include approaches to manufacturing, project management, costing and construction.

The panel includes Philip Beesley, a practicing architect, artist and professor at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture; Julian Bowron, President, Feature Factory Design/Build (FEFA); Darius Mosun, Soheil Mosun Limited; Stephane Raymond, Studio Libeskind; and Justin Ford, Hariri Pontarini Architects. Moderator is Ian Chodikoff, editor of Canadian Architect magazine.

Please note that attendance at the digital fabrication seminar guarantees three (3) OAA-directed points.