MADE presents Post No Bills and Om Improvement: The Quiet Room

MADE in Toronto presents Post No Bills – a performance and installation by No Idea, along with Om Improvement: The Quiet Room – an installation by Heidi Earnshaw and Marie de Sousa. Please join MADE inside (the MADE cooler) and outside (the MADE courtyard) for the combined opening reception for both on Thursday, September 8, 2011 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Post No Bills is a performance piece where the members of No Idea complete their installation work during the reception. The weather and chance will continue to act on the piece and affect its outcome over the duration of the exhibit.

Post No Bills draws its inspiration from hoardings and other surfaces around Toronto where zealous urban “posterers” cover the city’s surfaces with their promotional posters and cultural notices. The competition of covering up, ripping off and layering of images creates a patinated collage of urban experience. Seeking to explore in this process, images that occupy a space floating between conversation and competition; the layered surfaces evoke memory and represent the passage of time.

Post No Bills channels the process of “Exquisite Corpse,” a Surrealist parlour game where work or words were passed around the table and collectively added to in random. There are few, if any, “rules” – other than each artist’s work cannot be precious and the other members of the collective are trusted implicitly to alter, add to, or obliterate any part of the image.

Om Improvement: The Quiet Room reflects on our consumer culture and how, while yearning to better ourselves, we are unwittingly distracted by a false sense of accomplishment through the process of “gearing up” for the activity.

The first in a series of collaborations by artist De Sousa and designer Earnshaw, Om Improvement: The Quiet Room is an initial exploration of their combined skills and materials and features both portable and wearable components. A posture meditation harness promises to aid to focus the mind and facilitate the desired meditation pose; customized to shape and referencing the body, clothing and upholstered furniture. Their portability suggests that good meditation might be achieved anywhere. Despite their desires, both de Sousa and Earnshaw have previously been unsuccessful in maintaining a serious meditation practice. Om Improvement: The Quiet Room is a meditation aid, decompressor and mini-getaway. It alludes to a perpetual state of want.

The No Idea collective formed in 1999 as a response to three working artists challenging each other and themselves on how to stretch their aesthetic language into something new and fresh through independent and collective self-expression. Grant Reimer, Dell Brown and Thom Sevalrud draw from their varied backgrounds and experience. Each is presently or has been an art educator. Working in varied mediums, leading group oriented workshops and working with a multitude of mindsets have informed the collective’s team-work dynamic.

Marie de Sousa is a painter and sculptor. She is the recipient of numerous grants and awards and has exhibited her work in the United States and Canada. Heidi Earnshaw is a furniture designer/maker in Toronto with a background in fine art and a particular interest in the language of wood. Drawing inspiration from buildings down to the handheld, anonymously designed objects of everyday life, her carefully detailed clean-lined pieces are grounded in solid woodworking using responsibly harvested materials.

Om Improvement continues to Saturday, October 1, 2011, and Post No Bills continues to Saturday, October 8, 2011.

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