Lukas Ewing wins 2023 Michael Evamy Scholarship

Photo courtesy of DIALOG

and the Michael Evamy Scholarship Board of Trustees are pleased to offer the 2023 Michael Evamy Scholarship to Lukas Ewing, UBC Bachelor of Environmental Design graduate and Master of Architecture candidate.

The scholarship is awarded to a Canadian student attending a Canadian school of architecture in their second last year of study to undertake a research project of interest relevant to the practice of architecture. Lukas will explore adoption and transient spaces in his thesis titled ‘From One to Another’.

“My research is an exploration of intercountry child adoption, its associated architectural space, and the complexities within the process,” explains Lukas Ewing, Michael Evamy Scholarship recipient. “It focuses on the uncertainty individuals confront while navigating unfamiliar spaces and experiences.”

His proposal looks at adoption from Vietnam to North America through an architectural lens and speculates how the built environment can ease moments of transition—a topic very personal to Lukas as a child adopted from Vietnam at five months old. Lukas has been awarded $5,000 to undertake the research project, with a secondary amount of $3,000 for project-related expenses.

With a wide variety of proposal submissions from architecture students across Canada, the DIALOG selection committee was impressed with Lukas’ proposal, recognizing the importance of bringing a sense of belonging to those first experiencing Canada.

“We are so fortunate to live in a country that welcomes thousands of immigrants every year,” shares Nicole Moyo, DIALOG urban designer, intern architect and jury member. “Lukas’ thesis encourages us to refocus on architecture for humanity.”

The jury saw potential for the research to go beyond international adoption to consider how spaces of transition can respond to the wellbeing of all newcomers when recognized as an important step in their arrival. “We’re excited to see how Lukas will use his personal story to empower others through architecture,” Moyo adds.

Upon completion, Lukas will present his findings in 2024. The next call for submissions for the 2024 Michael Evamy Scholarship will open in December 2023.