London Eight at SCI-Arc

The Southern California Institute of Architecture  in Los Angeles presents London Eight, curated by renowned English architect Sir Peter Cook. A founding member of the 1960s futurist group Archigram and a visiting faculty member at SCI-Arc, Cook invited five architects who currently teach at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, where Cook was professor from 1990 to 2005, to participate in an exhibition at the SCI-Arc Library Gallery. These architects were then asked to select a “protégé” whom they had mentored through their studies at the Bartlett to exhibit alongside their own work in the gallery. The exhibition results in a rich investigation of exploratory architecture in two- and three-dimensions, where the subtle pedagogy of the Bartlett has crafted and enabled “indulgent” formal objects and drawn imagery; yet individuality reigns supreme.


In the words of Sir Cook: “When [SCI-Arc Director] Eric Moss asked me to round up some specimens, I had no second thoughts that these three “syndromes” were the ones to have anyhow, anywhere and not as much to make a pedagogic point as to simply get some great stuff on the wall: all of them at their best when being full on – or should I say, fully indulgent. The art of indulgence is a threatened species. God preserve us from all those reasonable architects, those cool manners, those careful buildings. Go look elsewhere for that – there’s plenty of it around.”


The London Eight exhibition architects and their protégés included are as follows:


Marjan Colletti & Marcos Cruz/Yousef Al-Mehdari
Marcos Cruz was recently appointed
Director of the Bartlett School of Architecture, where he also runs Diploma Unit 20. Together with Marjan Colletti, he co-founded marcosandmarjan, a London-based atelier that combines experimental design research with practice and teaching of architecture. Marjan Colletti is an architect, educator, researcher and author. He is a lecturer in architecture at the Bartlett in Unit 20 and a senior lecturer at the University of Westminster. Cruz and Colletti are also visiting lecturers at UCLA in spring 2010. Yousef Al-Mehdari graduated from the Bartlett in 2008, receiving a commendation in design.


CJ Lim/Pascal Bronner
CJ Lim is the founding director of Studio 8 Architects Ltd. – an energetic multi-disciplinary and international award-winning practice in architecture, landscape and urban design. He is the Professor of Architecture and Cultural Design at the Bartlett and the UCL Pro-Provost for North America.
Pascal Bronner was born in Malaysia, grew up in Germany and moved to UK in 2000 where he completed with 1st Class Honors and Distinction for his Part 1 undergraduate and Part 2 graduate studies, respectively, at the Bartlett.

Mark Smout and Laura Allen/Johan Hybschmann
Laura Allen and Mark Smout are senior lecturers at the Bartlett, where they are the Undergraduate Program Director and Postgraduate Thesis Director, respectively. Together they teach a Postgraduate Design Unit. Their teaching focuses on landscape, innovative and appropriated technologies, and interpretations of environmental knowledge. Johan Hybschmann
received his Master of Architecture with distinction from the Bartlett in 2009 and now teaches Architectural Design in the Bartlett’s BSc program.


The exhibition runs from March 19 to May 9, 2010. Admission is free. Lectures and discussions are broadcast live online at