Lifetime achievements in green building recognized at 3rd annnual Toronto Green Building Festival

Three green building gurus-Peter Love, Janis Kravis and Doug Pollard-received Lifetime Achievement Awards today at the 3rd Annual Toronto Regional Green Building Festival at Ontario Place.

“The Lifetime Achievement Awards celebrate the success of visionaries who recognized the importance of sustainable buildings and energy efficiency years ago, and have been working to make green building a reality today,” said Tom Ponessa, Director of Programs, Sustainable Buildings Canada. “I’m honoured to present these awards to our winners.”

Peter Love, Ontario’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer, has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the area of energy efficiency. As the Executive Director of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, he was a leading national advocate for energy efficiency and its related benefits to the economy and the environment. No stranger to the concept of a “cultural shift,” early in his career, Mr. Love worked as a project coordinator for Pollution Probe with the team that developed the concept “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

Janis Kravis, of Janis Kravis Consultants Inc. in North York, has worked in environmental architecture since 1961, consulting with governments, corporations, individuals and communities to reduce their environmental impact and work toward restoration and sustainability. He also formed the “Healthy Buildings Task Force” at the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. He practices energy and resource conservation, design of healthy buildings and social and environmental responsibility. He is a proponent and practitioner of the Integrated Design Process that looks at a building as a whole system rather than the sum of its parts

Doug Pollard ran his own architectural practice in Toronto for 30 years prior to joining the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in 1998 as a senior researcher in sustainable community planning. His practice focused on housing and small institutional projects demonstrating the potential for an intelligent use of land, resources, and finances, and optimizing opportunities for user participation in the design process. He chairs the National Housing Research Committee’s working group on sustainable communities, which is exploring and developing the business case for sustainable development.

The awards ceremony, sponsored by the Cement Association of Canada and Enbridge, concluded the two-day Green Building Festival. Michael Singleton, Executive Director of Sustainable Buildings Canada, remarked, “It has been an excellent conference. Not only did we recognize and celebrate the long-term contributions of green building leaders, we heard from leading innovators and producers on environmental sustainability, and hundreds of people attended the trade show which had over 70 exhibitors representing the leading edge of Canada’s sustainable building industry.”