LACF Announces 2023 Scholar Recipients

The Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) has announced the recipients of their 2023 scholarships, which were awarded to those who showcased excellence and dedication to the field of architecture.

Photo credit: LACF

The Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation (LACF) has announced the 2023 scholarship recipients.

LACF believes that these students are future leaders. This year, the scholarships were awarded to several recipients.

They include Margot Kopache, the recipient of the 2023 Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship and Jordan Cantafio, the recipient of the Peter Jacobs Indigenous Scholarship and the BC2 Indigenous Scholarship for 2023.

Margot Kopache, Frederick Gage Todd National Scholarship

Jury members felt that her approach was “hands on” and “down to earth” while simultaneously communicating a clear and ambitious vision.

Jordan Cantafio, Peter Jacobs Indigenous Scholarship and the BC2 Indigenous Scholarship 

Jordan Cantafio is a Red River Métis student at the University of Manitoba, and is currently completing an internship towards his Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture.

The recipients of the 2023 Regional Scholarships include the following.

Traci Berg: Canadian Landscape Charter | University of Calgary Scholarship









Traci Berg is a Master of Landscape Architecture (’24) candidate at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape.

Erin Schwab: University of Calgary MLA Scholarship









Erin Schwab was nominated on account of the scholarship criterion of design creativity and academic excellence.

McKenna Schentag: SALA Academic Award

McKenna Schentag is a master’s candidate in her second year of studies at the University of Calgary, with an undergraduate degree in Regional and Urban Planning from the University of Saskatchewan.

Lucas Schramiak: Bourse d’étude du 50e anniversaire de l’AAPQ

Lucas Schramiak is a future landscape architect who likes to be pushed beyond his limits by his teachers and colleagues.

Megan Haralovich: Alain Lamontagne (Guelph BLA)  Scholarship and Maglin-LACF Scholarship

Megan Haralovich worked on the 2022 Winter Stations project, centered on Indigenous community-inspired social spaces.

Dallas Canavan: University of Guelph BLA Scholarship

Dallas Canavan is a top 5 per cent ranking due to her 90 per cent GPA.

Craig Klomp: University of Guelph MLA Scholarship and Maglin-LACF Scholarship

Craig Klomp has upheld a high GPA, and showcases excellence in all design studios.

Izzy Mink: University of Toronto MLA  Scholarship, Lemay-LACF Scholarship  and Maglin-LACF Scholarship

Izzy Mink’s process proposals aim to find new ways for landscape architecture that promote social inclusion.

Kailee Meakin: Andre Schwabenbauer / University of Manitoba MLA Scholarship 

Kailee Meakin served as vice president and is now president of the Landscape Architecture Student Association at the University of Manitoba.

Jenna Frizzell: Peter Klynstra Memorial Scholarship

Jenna Frizzell is a second year BLA student at the University of Guelph, from Prince Edward Island.

Hannah Bennett: Atlantic Landscape | Dalhousie Scholarship

Hannah Bennett is a fourth-year student in Dalhousie University’s Bachelor of Technology Landscape Architecture program.

Elliot Bellis: University of British Columbia Scholarship

Elliot has shown a commitment to the overlaps of ecological design, community building, and social justice while at UBC.

Kylie Ip: BCSLA Robillard Scholarship in Landscape Architecture

The Robillard prize is given to her for both her academic rigour and design ideas for small to medium site design.

Julie Lorrain: Bourse d’études de voyage Danièle Routaboule 

Lorrain began a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at the Université de Montréal to pursue her passions for ecology and planning.

Adrianna Anastacio: Maglin-LACF Scholarship, University of Manitoba MLA

Adrianna Anastacio has passion and enthusiasm for the discipline of landscape architecture.

Chelsea Dawn Robins: Maglin-LACF Scholarship, Dalhousie Bachelor of Technology – Landscape Architecture

Chelsea Dawn Robins is a high performing fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Technology – Landscape Architecture program at Dalhousie University.

Claire Heidenreich: Maglin-LACF Scholarship, University of Calgary MLA


Heidenreich has spearheaded a student-lead project called the “Avant-garden,” charged with naturalizing the university campus with native plants.

Kevin Wong: Maglin-LACF Scholarship, UBC

Kevin Wong has consistently demonstrated excellence in the Landscape Architecture program at UBC.

Josiane Roy: Maglin-LACF Scholarship, l’Université de Montréal

Josiane Roy is the winner of the 2023 edition of the Rinox prize for emerging landscape architects, and places  importance on integrating her projects into the existing environment.

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