Kohn Shnier Architects design new pre-engineered homes

Royal Homes, Canada’s largest custom builder of pre-engineered homes introducing a line of architect-designed modernist home designs by Kohn Shnier Architects of Toronto. Known as the Royal Q series, Royal Homes is offering housing that is developed and priced so that the customer has a full understanding of the value of the designs they will be purchasing. The series will be constructed at its indoor production facility in Wingham, Ontario for delivery and installation in Ontario and Michigan. The factory construction method is designed to produce a higher quality product in less time than conventional construction, and at a competitive price. The Q1 series is designed to fit into a range of site sizes and ground conditions, with or without basements; the Q1 model starts at 625 square feet with two bedrooms. The units are designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum waste, and are delivered and completely installed. Lloyd Alter, an architect-developer working with Royal Homes, says that it is important to “keep it small, tread lightly on the landscape, build efficiently and make it affordable to buy, to operate and maintain.”