Kiyoshi Matsuzaki RAIC Scholarship recently unveiled

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) Foundation was pleased to unveil the Kiyoshi Matsuzaki RAIC Scholarship during the Festival of Architecture in Halifax last month. This scholarship advances Kiyoshi Matsuzaki’s personal belief in the future of the profession of architecture, and his unyielding support of the younger generation of students as the next leaders of the profession.

The annual scholarship of $3,000 is to be presented to a student enrolled in the RAIC Syllabus Program. Offered through an endowment, several in the profession added their donations to the scholarship during the Festival, ensuring funds will be available well into the future.

Kiyoshi Matsuzaki, PP/FRAIC, was named a Fellow in 2002 and acted as RAIC President in 2007-2008. He along with his wife, Eva Matsuzaki, PP/FRAIC, (RAIC President in 1998-1999), volunteered their time and energy with the RAIC for decades.

Kiyoshi sadly passed away in December of last year and will be greatly missed by all who knew his unrelenting enthusiasm and optimism. The RAIC is honouring his memory through this Endowment and Scholarship by encouraging a new generation of architects.

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