Canadian Architect


Toronto Trio

A museum, Ismaili Centre, and islamic-inspired park are significant additions to the city that aim to facilitate mutual understanding and exchange between different communities and faiths.

Editorial: Transit Planning for Toronto’s Growth Spurt

A population roughly the size of Montreal is expected to move to the Greater Toronto Area in the next 25 years. How might architects strengthen transit to support this regional population increase?

Editorial: Do Mayors Matter?

The real heroes may turn out not to be mayors at all--but the city bureaucrats who persevere in advancing major planning projects during lacunae in political leadership.

Editorial: Images that Steer the Debate

The images used to present Frank Gehry's next Toronto project are worth a closer look: they cleverly use perspective and materials to steer the conversation away from scale and towards formal daring.

Collegial Think Tank

The new Canadian headquarters of an international consulting company combine collegial workspaces and refined public areas in a dignified campus setting.