Canadian Architect

PCL Constructors

Instrumental Composition

A masterfully executed addition to and renovation of an important national cultural facility sings with success.

Crystal Clear

Fumihiko Maki's first building in Canada is a deceivingly complex cultural building of a quality rarely seen in this country.


Performing 66 percent better than Model National Energy guidelines suggest, a new state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in downtown Winnipeg is setting new standards for commercial office buildings.

Concrete Solutions

A Construction Company Enjoys The Benefits Of Commissioning Its Own Training Facility With A Focus On Honest Detailing, Sustainability And Landscape Architectural Elements.

Manitoba Hydro Head Office

Commanding Performance

The Design of Canada's First Opera House in Downtown Toronto Faces Considerable Controversy and Heated Debate.

Capital Improvement

The New Canadian War Museum Revitalizes Ottawa's Lebreton Flats, Acknowledges the Parliament Buildings and Provides a Welcome Addition to the Institutional Importance of the Nation's Capital.