Canadian Architect


RAIC Awards – Green Building

The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability by Perkins+Will integrates a full range of sustainable design strategies.

Towards a Passive Architecture

Residential designers across Canada are stretching to reach the low-energy metrics of the rigorous Passivehaus standard. Now, the standard is also stretching out to reach them.

Good Neighbour

An office building for a teachers' union complements its eclectic urban setting and innovates with new environmental sustainability strategies.

Editorial: Spreading the Gospel of Sustainability

Long before LEED became an industry buzzword, Peter Busby was figuring out how to make buildings that consumed fewer resources.

Interview: Peter Busby

Peter Busby describes the progressive expansion of his office, and shares insights on present challenges and opportunities.

Editorial: Rebate Rollbacks

Instead of worrying about homeowner tax credits, the key to the successful marketing of energy-efficient single-family homes may in fact reside in planning for compact neighbourhoods rather than fussing over new weatherstripping for old windows.