KeeHatch Provides Safer Rooftop Access

Designed to provide safe egress and ingress through roof-type hatches, and fall protection while a hatch is open, the KeeHatch railing system complies with standards requiring a guardrail system for the exposed sides of openings in floors or roofs. Easy to install, KeeHatch does not penetrate the roof membrane. KeeHatch railings are constructed of Kee Klamp fittings and standard pipe, which are galvanized for corrosion-resistance. There are seven different models of KeeHatch to meet a variety of installation and local requirements, whether used for new construction or retrofit. KeeHatch contains no sharp corners or snag points, and can be used in conjunction with KeeGuard rooftop railing systems. From Kee Industrial Products, Ltd., Concord, Ontario. Toll-free: 1-877-505-5003,