KeeGuard Fall Prevention System for Flat Roofs

An enhanced new version of the KeeGuard railing system to protect against falling from flat roofs features a streamlined design and raking capability. The new design eliminates T-crosses and places the counterbalances in-line, providing greater design flexibility and ease of installation. With raking capability, the guard railing can be angled 11 inward for added safety and so that the profile can remain unseen from street level in certain applications. KeeGuard is also offered in special designs to enclose skylights. In addition, the new KeeHatch guard rail system provides safe egress and ingress through roof-type access hatches.

Compliant with Section of the Ontario Building Code 1997 and Section 26.3 (5) of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, KeeGuard installs without penetrating the roof membrane and features galvanized fittings for corrosion resistance. From Kee Industrial Products, Ltd.