Japanese Design Today 100 exhibition lectures

At 1:00pm on Saturday, October 18, 2014, Professor Hiroshi Kashiwagi (Musashino Art University) and architect/furniture designer Yoshifumi Nakamura are delivering presentations at Toronto’s Japan Foundation as an accompaniment to the Japanese Design Today 100 exhibition.

The Japanese Design Today 100 exhibition opened on August 6, 2014 and will be on display until October 30, 2014 in Toronto, followed by a run in Montreal starting on November 19, 2014. One hundred items, from a bullet train to an at-home mini planetarium, were chosen by Professor Kashiwagi, and are enchanting visitors in Toronto right now. Attendees of the lecture will have a quick visit to this exhibition via a Power Point presentation. Then, Professor Kashiwagi will describe an overall bird’s-eye view of Japanese contemporary design, rooted in the modernization projects of the 1920s.

Additionally, Yoshifumi Nakamura, from the position of a practitioner in the field, will explain the characteristics of Japanese design. Crafty, minimal, thoughtful, compact, and cute will be the key words to understand the depth and wide scope of Japanese design.

Kashiwagi and Nakamura are both creative colleagues and friends. In fact, between the years 1998-2000, Nakamura designed Professor Kashiwagi’s private residence.

For more information, please visit http://jftor.org/event/design-lectures/,  e-mail taoyagi@jftor.org or call 416.966.1600 x103.