Jane’s Walk for children aged 5 to 12 takes place in Toronto’s financial district

On Saturday, May 5, 2012 from 10:00am to 12:00 noon, children aged 5 to 12 and their parents are invited to join partner David Butterworth of Kirkor Architects & Planners on an adventurous urban exploration in Toronto’s financial district. The walk, part of the Jane’s Walk program of free public walks across Toronto,

will take in the Flatiron building’s trompe l’oeil mural, the Royal York Hotel, the skeletal interior of

Brookfield Place and the modernist architecture of the TD Centre, both outdoors and into the PATH

system – Toronto’s famed “underground city.”

Kids will uncover public art, including the bronze cows lounging at TD Centre, and explore the lobby of

the Royal York (once Toronto’s tallest building). They will be encouraged to explore how they feel in

these spaces, how they imagine the city of the future, and what the various environments mean to them.

There will be kid-friendly activities including a treasure hunt, and engaging insights from tour

Leader Butterworth, who is an architect and a dad. “To determine how to best shape our cities, we need to experience them at ground level,” says Butterworth. “It starts with getting kids excited about architecture and their own urban environment, and Jane’s Walk is a wonderful way for us to do that.”

Created in 2007 in Toronto by friends of the urban thinker Jane Jacobs, the free, the volunteer-led urban

Jane’s Walks have grown exponentially from 27 walks the first year to over 500 walks around the world – from Calgary to Canberra and São Paulo to Saskatoon – in over 75 cities and 16 countries. Jane’s Walk cultivates a broad understanding of how cities develop, function, and thrive. It works to advance walkable neighbourhoods, increase urban literacy, and promote neighbourhood cohesion, civic engagement and leadership.

For more information,please visit Kirkor’s blog at http://bit.ly/IblMuP and the Jane’s Walk website at http://janeswalk.net and at http://bit.ly/I94N9o.