Jane Jacobs Prize winners

The Globe and Mail has reported Margie Zeidler and Uzma Shakir as the two winners of the Jane Jacobs prize this year. The prize honours unsung heroes who have contributed to the vitality of the city of Toronto.
Trained as an architect at the University of Toronto, Margie Zeidler spent the early 1990s fundraising for a medical research foundation in East Africa. In 1994 she purchased the 401 Richmond Street factory building in downtown Toronto with the help of her father, architect Eb Zeidler. It was restored and turned into a low-rent haven for artists and non-profit organizations’ offices. Uzma Shakir’s city-building includes community activism by way of help for immigrants, especially women. Ms Shakir has advocated for the investment in immigrant communities through psychological, cultural and political means. The prize carries a $5000 stipend for three years funded by the Avana Capital Corporation.