Jane F. Pendergast appointed the 66th President of the Alberta Association of Architects

Ms. Pendergast is the Association’s fifth woman president. A University of Toronto graduate, she began her career in Toronto where she interned and was registered prior to moving to Alberta in 1990. Pendergast is currently an Associate with Kasian Kennedy Architecture Interior Design and Planning Incorporated, Calgary, and has practiced in both Edmonton and Calgary with her own practice and with others. She is a LEED accredited professional, actively managing public architectural projects including museums, libraries, interpretive settings, animal shelters and education buildings. Also a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Pendergast has for the past six years served the AAA largely in the area of practice. She has been both a member and Chair of the Practice Review Board for most of that time, has been on Council for three years, and was most recently Vice President of Practice Resource. “I look forward to working with our membership to strengthen and grow our profession’s sphere of influence with innovative and responsible design. This Assocation takes seriously its responsibility to ensure public safety is considered first in all matters of architectural and licensed interior design practice,” says Pendergast. Established in 1906 with currently over 1100 members, the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA) is a self-governing professional association charged under the Architects Act with the registration of architects, the licensing of interior designers, and with the regulation of the practice of architecture in the province of Alberta. The Assocation regulates the practice of architecture for the protection of the public and the administration of the profession.