Introducing the Canadian Architect Photo Award of Excellence

For 52 years, Canadian Architect has sponsored an annual national awards program recognizing projects in the design stage.

Now, we’re introducing a new component of the program: the Photo Award of Excellence.

How can a single photo convey the big picture of a project? The image that carries the concept of a project will vary for different projects: it may be an overall image of the building, or a telling detail, or a photo that shows the building in use. Canadian Architect is challenging professional and amateur architectural photographers to showcase their “big picture” image of a Canadian building in its Photo Award of Excellence competition.

We ran the Photo Award of Excellence as an invited competition in 2018, and our inaugural winner was this stunning image by Ema Peter of Parq Vancouver (designed by ACDF in consortium with Architecture 49):

This year, the photo competition is open to all.

You don’t have to be a professional architectural photographer to enter. Consider entering an image that you took of a favourite local building, or while traveling.

The photo should be no more than two years old. It should depict a building in Canada—by any architect and from any time period. Alternatively, it may depict a building outside of Canada but completed by a Canadian architect.

You can also enter a photo of one of your own recent works—whether commissioned by an independent photographer (you must check with them first), taken by someone at your office, or a serendipitous moment captured on your smart phone.

Awards are given for the photograph’s ability to convey a clear concept about the architectural design – the “big picture” of the building. Jurors will consider the composition, creativity of approach, and overall aesthetics of the photo.

The Photo Award of Excellence competition opens for submissions on August 1, 2019. The deadline for submissions is September 12, 2019.

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