INTERSYMP-2006: 18th International Conference on Systems Research, Informatics and Cybernetics

This conference takes place from August 712, 2006 at the Markgraf-Ludwig Gymnasium, Hardstrasse 2, in Baden-Baden, Germany. A Special Focus Symposium onDigital Architecture & Engineering Science will be held on August 10, 2006, chaired by Professor Greg Andonian of Carleton University.

During the last decade of the 20th century, digital architecture has evolved to become a credible medium for the manifestation of design ideas in the realm of contextual analysis, conceptual articulation and content simulation. Colour, texture and animation of walk-throughs have revealed experiential narratives of the space. They have articulated the making of thought-provoking architecture and exposed the inner understanding of thoughtful designing of the ritual. Concurrently, engineering science has claimed advances in research and development activities pertaining to the invention of new building materials deriving from aerospace technology. Innovative building construction methods and pragmatic organization of construction management have considerably progressed via utilization of information technologies. Hence, the contemporary challenge in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) has been to integrate synergistically in digital architecture all the recent advances in engineering science from a broad perspective of systems research, cybernetics, and inter-disciplinary studies.

Architecture as a discipline in its own right predicates on the artful embodiment of sciences. Digital architecture will broaden its scope, direction and focus by sensibly integrating engineering and construction studies. This special-focus symposium will provide a forum for high-quality discussion of recent advances in building science, engineering and construction. Of particular interest are papers referring to case studies that investigate new pedagogical models, innovative application methods, and integrative design processes in the synthesis of digital architecture and engineering sciences.

Topics of the SymposiumThis symposium will attempt to promote cross-communications and interdisciplinary discourses in Digital Architectural and Engineering Science, and will have three thematic, yet convergent, streams of investigation:
Design Issues in Digital Architecture
Digital Architecture and Integration of Engineering and Construction Technology
Building Construction and Project Management via Hi-Tech

Topics include, but are not limited to the following:
Digital Architecture and Environmental Studies
New Building Materials and New Technology of Construction
Geomancy in the Realm of Electronic Age
Knowledge Education in AEC Integration
Virtual Reality in AEC
Digital Design Creativity and Simulation in Projective Thinking
Modeling the Design Process and Processing the Design Model
Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Imagination
Distance Education and Digital AEC
Modular Coordination of Design Reasoning
Robotics in AEC Practices
Rapid Prototyping and Modeling in AEC
Alternate Procurement Systems via Hi-Tech
Just-in-Time Construction and Feedback/Feedforwording Systems
Design-Build-Operate and Test in AEC
Private-Public Partnerships and Globalization of AEC Professional Practices

Architects and architectural educators, researchers and historians, urban designers and city planners, construction engineers and project managers, systems designers and others should be interested.

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