International Union of Architects: Turin 2008, Tokyo 2011, Durban 2014

The next International Union of Architects (UIA) congress will take place in Tokyo, Japan, from September 22 to October 1, 2011, based on the theme Design 2050. This global event, organized by the Japan Institute of Architects, will provide the opportunity for architects from around the world to exchange views and share their visions of sustainable architecture, as well as help define the immediate future for our cities and environment.

Durban, South Africa, was recently selected to host the 25th UIA world congress in 2014. During its session on July 6, 2008, in Turin, Italy, the UIA General Assembly voted in favour of the South African Institute of Architect’s candidature of Durban by a slim margin over the Singapore Institute of Architect’s offer to host the 2014 congress in its home city.

The proposed theme for the Durban congress is: MultipliCITY: World Future; celebrated as an antidote to globalization; as a form of latitude, allowing different approaches to co-exist; allowing us to develop richer responses to the challenges facing town planners and architects.

After Rabat in 1951 and Cairo in 1985, Durban is the third African city to host the UIA Congress.

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