International student competition for the design of the west entrance of Lincoln Road Mall in Miami Beach

This competition is open to all students registered in an accredited university or college in their country, and the First Place prize is $1,000 USD. The registration deadline is September 26, 2005, and the submission deadline is October 26, 2005. The entry fee is $20 USD. The jury will be comprised of a panel of international architects with G. Stanley Collyer, Editor of Competitions Magazine as chair.

Lincoln Road can be seen as a unique piece in the Miami Beach street network, partially crossing the island as an elongated narrow plaza full of pedestrian activities, restaurants, shops and cultural venues. The road is intersected by some slow traffic streets that do not take away from its fully pedestrian character, while adding a spatial rhythm to the long stretch of sidewalks, urban furniture and landscaping.

In 1959 Morris Lapidus was asked to design a landscaped mall with all traffic removed. In Lapidus’ own words it was to be “…a park-like mall, full of pools and fountains with exotic concrete shelters and a band-shell structure and an open air theater.” The mall prospered throughout the sixties and part of the seventies while six blocks were built until it fell in disrepair for several years. In 1993, after the renaissance of the adjacent Art Deco district due to the implementation of historical preservation guidelines, Lincoln Road was renovated by a team of designers headed by Carlos Zapata.

Because of the new urban massing and functional changes introduced by the large scale of a new cinema complex, this competition calls for ideas to explore the design possibilities of a new western entrance to Lincoln Road mall at the corner of Lincoln and Alton Roads, and eventually extending the design until the western edge of Lenox Avenue.

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