International ideas competition for the Carlsberg site in Copenhagen

Carlsberg A/S hereby invites all urban designers, architects, designers, engineers, artists, architects students etc. to take part in an open international idea competition for a development plan for Carlsberg in Copenhagen.

At the end of 2008, Carlsberg Breweries will discontinue its beer production on the site in Copenhagen where the brewery was founded, leaving behind a 33-hectare area which, besides enjoying an attractive location in the centre of Copenhagen, is a national treasure of immense historical value.

Carlsberg A/S`s dream is to create a vibrant city district on this site, which will combine old and new. Entrants in the competition will be competing to present the best proposals for the realisation of this dream.

Carlsberg A/S is planning a very free competition in which entrants will be faced with as few specific constraints as possible. It will thus be up to the entrants to present the most convincing visions for the development of the site and the most compelling proposals for facilities to be accommodated there in the future.

Carlsberg A/S is keen to see a highly professional, broad-based and internationally respected competition. We are therefore pre-inviting five of the world’s leading urban designers outside Denmark:

*BaumanLyons Architects, England
*Behnisch Architekten, Germany
*Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden Architects and Urbanists, Canada
*Enric Miralles Bendetta Tagliabue, Spain
*WEST 8 urban design & landscape architecture, Netherlands

The competition is also open to all firms, architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, artists, architects students etc.

The competition will run from November 1, 2006 to February 28, 2007.

The winner of the competition will be commissioned to prepare the final plan for the area in collaboration with Carlsberg A/S and the City of Copenhagen during the second half of 2007. The winner will then act as a consultant during the rest of the project.

The jury will consist of politicians, Carlsberg representatives and a panel of international experts.

The total prize money is EUR 400,000. The first prize will be EUR 130,000, while the remainder will be distributed at the jury’s discretion, but no prize and/or purchase may be less than EUR 5,000. The competition is being arranged in association with the City of Copenhagen and the Architects’ Association in Denmark.

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