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International Garden Festival

Taking place from June 24-October 1, 2006 at Jardins de Mtis/Reford Gardens in Grand-Mtis, this unique forum for innovation and experimentation presents gardens created by Quebec, Canadian and international designers.

The festival has become an exceptional showcase and launching pad for the participating designers from a host of disciplines. This event also gives visitors a chance to discover inspiring spaces bringing together the visual arts, architecture, design, landscape and nature.

Over 95 submissions from 14 countries were received, constituting the highest number since the inauguration of the Festival in 2000.

The following landscape architects and architects will be participating in the 2006 Festival:

*Bosses Design (ric Daoust, Donald Potvin, Jean-Franois Potvin), architects and designers from Montral, Qubec
*Pete North and Alissa North, landscape architects from Toronto, Ontario
*Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot, landscape architects from Los Angeles, California
*Chris Reed, landscape architect from Boston, Massachusetts
*Atelier le balto (Marc Pouzol, Vronique Faucheur, Marc Vatinel), landscape architects from Berlin, Germany

Two honourable mentions were awarded to Catalyse urbaine (Juliette Patterson, Michel G. Langlois) from Montreal and Bernhard Kdde from Germany for the originality of their projects.

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