International Architectural Summer 2014 Workshop in Cyprus

Taking place from July 27 to August 10, 2014 in Paphos, at Neapolis University in Cyprus, YArch-workshop is an architectural workshop that derives its name from the words “Young Architects Workshop.” Those welcome to apply include architects, students, artists and designers from all over the world, as well as people from different expertise who are interested in architecture.

People taking part at the workshop will have the great opportunity to get familiar with all stages of implementing all phases of an architectural project, from design to construction in 1:1 scale. It presents a challenging framework consisting of design workshops, field trips and seminars, debates on theory and practice of new architectural ideas.

An architectural competition will be organized prior to the workshop and anyone who wishes to participate can do so. The competition’s goal is for the winning projects to be constructed during the workshop, offering a great opportunity to young professionals to promote their work.

The main goal of the workshop is the cooperation between lovers of architecture from different countries and schools, who will be working together and taking the opportunity to exchange views, ideas and experiences. Social and professional links will be reinforced between architects from different countries, and architecture students will receive practical training in construction techniques and details in order to apply their theoretical knowledge. The workshop will facilitate teamwork, a friendly competitive spirit, and professional awareness. Participants will exchange cultural and architectural traditions of their native countries, and will have the opportunity to study the existing urban fabric of Cyprus and propose new ideas to improve it. Ultimately, the workshop strives to be an incubator of innovative ideas both in design and construction.

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