Interconnection and Communication in the Bering Strait

An international ideas competition, open to architects and architecture students worldwide, launched last February by the Foundation for Peace and Unification. This competition was for the conception of a peace park linking the two Diomede islands, situated in the middle of the Bering Strait, to unite the Eurasian and American continents through a pertinent architectural symbol.


The competiton offered a total prize fund of 200,000 Euros. One-hundred-and-thirty-five projects (71 from professionals and 64 from students) were submitted to the international jury. Chaired by architect Sungjung Chough (Republic of Korea), the jury was composed of architect Moongyu Choi, Republic of Korea, architect Joel Sanders (USA), architect Luciano Lazzari (Italy) representing the UIA, and architect Andrei Kaftanov (Russian Federation).


Despite their diversity, the projects revealed the architectural profession’s growing consciousness of environmental issues. Two alternative proposals of visionary infrastructures and ephemeral structures were identified by the jury in response to the ecological and technological dilemma posed by the program.


In the professional category, first prize was given to the team led by Colombian architect Julian Restrepo, which also included Pablo Forero, Manuela Mosquera, Tomas Jaramillo ( all of Colombia), and Susana Somoza (Venezuela). The jury unanimously voted for the project entitled “Diomede Archipelago,” which proposes a series of islands made of recycled material dredged from the sea that form two archipelagos extending the two continents. At their intersection, a tunnel links the two Diomede islands.


Three second prizes were given to: Rachdi Manal/OFF Architecture (France); Jitaek Shim, Sung Hoon Chung, Seung Yup Lee, Seung Hwan Shim and Sung Gi Park (Republic of Korea); and Jaeik Sim, Hyunwook Woo, Daekwon Park, Jonghyuk Lim and Dongjin Lee (Republic of Korea).


Two third prizes were given to: Evelyn Alonso, Sara Sarmiento and Manuel Perez (Spain); and Marek Rytych, Krzysztof Kryska, Malgorzata Piotrowska, Pasternak Karol and Radek Tabor (Poland).


Four Honourable Mentions were given to: Ben Addy (United Kingdom); Jacob Forsberg with Helen Hallberg (Sweden); Jessica Liew, Clare Kwok, Zi Yang Boon, Elissa Loh and Irene Ng (Australia); and Laurent Troost (Brazil).


In the student category, first prize was given to Taegon Kim (Republic of Korea), while two second prizes were given to Hyunil Oh (Republic of Korea) and Jannik Duellmann (Germany). Three third prizes were awarded to Hyungi Kim (Republic of Korea), Antoine Denieau (France), and Julian Huang (United Kingdom). Five students netted Honourable Mentions: Piotr Bialobrzeski (Poland), Sung Jun Bae (Republic of Korea), Joohyung Oh (Republic of Korea), HeuckJin Jung (Republic of Korea), and DeokKi Hong (Republic of Korea).


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