Innovative study program called Art in Architecture brings field trip to the classroom

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is working to bring the profession to life for high school students across Canada with a unique program that brings the field trip to the classroom.

The program Art in Architecture promotes architecture as a career choice and aims to increase the awareness of architecture and its impact on society. The core of the program is a DVD entitled “In Search of a Soul” which describes the background and process of designing the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. The video covers many parts of the curriculum including Art, Mathematics, English, Media Literacy, Science, Geography, Technology, Philosophy and History. It is part of a presentation that often includes noted architects and representatives of the museum.

“The program highlights the Canadian War Museum to describe the deep and interactive process of design as it leads students through the building its pure intention is to take the building to classrooms across Canada,” said George E. Bemi, FRAIC, Chair, Regional Advisory Committee of Ontario North, East & Nunavut for the RAIC College of Fellows. “Across Canada the College is offering a cross curriculum-teaching tool. This program offers an unparalleled learning experience which exposes students to a variety of subjects and which, we expect, will elicit an emotive response as it relates to students lives and possible career aspirations.”

The RAIC College of Fellows has a mission to support and strengthen the development and enhancement of excellence in the profession of architecture. As part of this goal the Eastern Ontario Chapter of the College has developed a program to provide a rich learning experience for Canadian students.