Infra-Eco-Logi-Urbanism exhibition

The Paul H. Cocker Gallery at Ryerson University’s Department of Architectural Science is hosting a travelling exhibition titled Infra–Eco–Logi–Urbanism from February 25 to April 4, 2014. The exhibition posits a manifesto for architecture at the urban scale in the context of near-future energy and mobility systems within the contemporary post-metropolitan condition of the Great Lakes Megaregion.
Organized as a territory, both the form and content of the exhibition posits an approach to urban design that is not about a singular vision or a grand scheme, but an assemblage of reciprocal relations nested at micro and macro scales of both time and space. The content includes extensive regional cartographies and analyses, design propositions, historical research, photography, a curated history of related architectural projects and critical writings. In aggregate, the exhibition presents a position from which to apprehend megaregional issues, design work operating across scales from the regional to the specific, and an event around which to debate regional systems and the role of design in figuring their futures. 

This exhibition is produced by RVTR, founded by Geoffrey Thün, Kathy Velikov and Colin Ripley. The studio operates simultaneously as a professional architectural practice and an academic research platform with studios in Toronto, Ontario and Ann Arbor, Michigan. RVTR has received numerous awards including a Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Award of Excellence for Innovation in the Practice of Architecture, an R&D Award from Architecture magazine, the Professional Prix de Rome in Architecture from the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Architectural League of New York Prize for Young Architects + Designers. Their work and writing has been widely published and exhibited.

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