Industry News (January 01, 2003)


Top 10 Green. BuildingGreen Inc., publisher of the GreenSpec Directory and Environmental Building News announces its pick of top 10 new green building products. Represents a wide range of materials, products, and equipment.

Anti-Corrosion Times. The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) publishes the Anti-Corrosion Times, a 4-page, 4-colour newsletter for industry use in manufacturing, consulting, engineering, and others interested in epoxy-coated reinforcement.

ASHRAE User’s Manual. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. publishes the 90.1 User’s Manual with detailed instruction for the design of commercial and high-rise buildings to ensure their compliance with ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2001. To order, 1-800-527-4723.

Green Books. The Chelsea Green Publishing Company’s list includes books such as A Guide to Flexible Form Earthbag Construction, The Straw Bale House, The Passive Solar House, The Rammed Earth House, and more.

Ballenford list. Ballenford Books on Architecture Landscape and Design presents its Winter 2002 list. Monographs, Canadian architects, and more. or toll-free 1-888-588-0806.

Mosaic special issue. The international interdisciplinary journal Mosaic presents a special issue on Literature and Architecture. 256 pages. Vol. 35, No. 4. (204) 474-9763 or mosaic

Planning guide.The Vox Corporate Room Planning Guide for Meeting Spaces is a resource for sourcing furniture and accessories for meeting rooms. Without using jargon, drawings illustrate how technology, seating and other furnishings work together. Published by Nienkamper.


Division 2–Sitework

Soil erosion control. Deltalok introduces a mechanism for interlocking soil bags, making them practical as both soft and hard armour application solutions. Use extends to erosion control, retaining walls, and environmental restoration. or (604) 609-9818.

Division 7–Thermal and Moisture Protection

Photovoltaic roofing. Imerys Toiture of France introduces photovoltaic modules that bear the same shape, size and interlocking sys- tem as large flat molded roof tiles that can match any type of architecture. Offer clean energy generation and guaranteed efficiency. or 04 72 52 02 72.

Division 12–Furnishings

Krier accessories. Valli & Valli presents bamboo-like pulls designed by architect Leon Krier. Suitable for contract and residential use and available in gold, satin chrome and rustic finishes.

Division 16–Electrical

Cigar-shaped lights. The Havana collection of cigar-shaped floor, pendant and wall lights is part of the Permanent Design Collection at the Museum of Modern Art and is manufactured by Foscarini of Italy for North American Light Spectrum. For boutiques, receptions, executive offices, galleries and more. 1-800-713-2182.