Indigenous Housing Competition Invites New Architectural Visions

Striving to raise awareness of Indigenous Housing issues across the country, Architects Without Borders Canada (AWB) is now accepting proposals for the Indigenous Housing Canada Ideas Competition 2017.

According to AWB, “the purpose of the competition is to raise awareness of indigenous housing in Canada and improve opportunities to design, deliver and maintain housing for remote access Indigenous Canadians.” There are over 600 Indigenous Communities in Canada with over 60 ethnic groups located in diverse landscapes, many with remote access. Current housing is provided by Indigenous Communities or with funding from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. Unfortunately, housing demand often exceeds supply, causing overcrowding.

The design may be focused on one aspect of housing or comprehensive in its approach by addressing one or up to six design portals and keywords identified:

VISION – Overall objective, processes how it will be achieved
PLACE – Response to climate, bioregion, geology, history, development
SUSTAINABILITY – Use of local materials, labour and energy
COMMUNITY – Community, culture and family
GROWTH – Flexibility to adapt for or accommodate growth
FUNDING – Alternative funding arrangements, partnerships, volunteerism, owner participation

Indigenous Housing Competition, Architects Without Borders
The six design portals

Accepting submissions until November 14, 2017, at 2:00 pm CST, the competition will announce its winners in February. A competition jury will be selected to represent a broad range of viewpoints and expertise. The majority of jury members will be
Indigenous. Winning Teams will be notified and asked to present their design at designated media events.

The call for entries is open to designers and non-designers, and multi-disciplinary teams are encouraged. From an initial shortlist of ten projects, three awards will be granted, ranging in value from $2,000 to $5,000.

More information about the competition — and Architects Without Borders Canada — is available via the AWB website, linked here. Proposals may be presented as part of an online exhibition. Entrants authorize Architects Without Borders Canada to make public and display their proposals.