Inauguration of the Esplanade Frontenac and the Melvin Charney exhibition

The exhibition Melvin Charney originally scheduled for Summer 2004 at the Galerie d’art du Centre culturel de l’Universit de Sherbrooke will instead be presented from September 9 to October 31, 2004 in order to coincide with the inauguration of l’esplanade Frontenac, Melvin Charney’s urban concept in downtown Sherbrooke. And on September 12, the Sherbrooke, Cite des rivieres corporation will be inaugurating a new urban environment created by internationally renowned artist and architect Melvin Charney. Concurrently, the Galerie d’art du Centre culturel de l’Universite de Sherbrooke will be providing an artistic context for the esplanade Frontenac. This presentation will include an exhibition of some sixty works by Charney, a multimedia presentation and an exhibit of the esplanade Frontenac’s book of plans. Together, these two events will position Sherbrooke as a city decidedly focused on the future and foster an in-depth dialogue on the role of art and architecture in an urban environment. Please visit for more information.