In Memoriam: Whit Petch

Whit Petch, Senior Principal at Reich&Petch, passed away from a sudden illness on September 7, 2022.

The Reich&Petch team has shared the news of the passing of Whit Petch, Senior Principal at Reich&Petch. The firm reports that sudden illness overtook Whit on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022.

Reich&Petch says Whit was a great project leader delivering inspired project management, strategic vision, and creative solutions. We will miss him, his insights, and talents. Whit, together with Tony Reich, founded Reich&Petch over thirty-five years ago: “We are deeply heartbroken by the loss of Whit, our cherished colleague, Senior Principal, and great friend. Along with his charismatic spirit, enthusiasm, and bright humor.”

Whit has been a lively and enthusiastic participant in all activities at R&P from the very founding of the practice until only days ago.

“Beneath his strong exterior and professional demeanor, he cared deeply for his colleagues and clients, and our creative work together. Whit loved his work and was devoted to achieving excellence in our work and with each other. He was a towering figure, with a genuine, honest, and excited approach. We will miss him tremendously in the days and years ahead,” says Reich&Petch.

According to the firm, Whit and Tony made strategic plans for the future of R&P. Tony remains very active in the practice providing continuity of effort to their responsibilities. At the leadership level, Tony is joined by his partners Pauline Dolovich and Stephen Petri, who have both been with R&P for many decades.

The team of Associates also includes Niki Reich, Gonzalo Martinez, Deepa Sarin, Vivien Chow, Cathy Lazo and Peter Lam: “Our management team shares our belief in Whit’s values: Respectful Service; Deep Commitment; Creativity and Openness.”