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In-Context Part 3: Central Park Neighbourhood launches

In-Context has announced the launch of Part 3: Central Park Neighbourhood, the third in a series of short documentary videos and interactive online stories profiling contemporary architecture across Canada. Each story in the In-Context series explores the ways that architecture has made a profound social, cultural or economic impact on the shared environment. Watch the video and read the story at

Set in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Part 3 profiles two projects in the Central Park neighbourhood: the Centre Village affordable housing project by 5468796 architecture and Cohlmeyer Architects, and the Central Park revitalization project by Scatliff + Miller + Murray. As one of North America’s most ethnically diverse neighbourhoods, Central Park receives a high percentage of refugees and new immigrants from all over the world, and is home to a significant Aboriginal population that has migrated from more rural regions. Both Centre Village and the Central Park revitalization project address some of the key issues facing the Central Park community, including a lack of affordable housing, high levels of crime and drug activity, limited economic opportunities, and the need for high-quality community spaces where diverse populations can safely intermingle.

The extent of public engagement in the design process of both of these projects was a critical component in their relative success within this small but complex neighbourhood. Part 3 looks at the long-term sustainability and success of both projects, in terms of their ability to address some of the key issues facing the neighbourhood, and as a result, the return on the investment of public funds. The video follows two distinct approaches taken by each architect, and investigates the reaction to each project from the perspective of the clients and the community.

Part 3 includes interviews with Pastor Bill Miller of Knox United Church, a multi-faith community that played a large role in initiating both projects, Tanjil Mahmud, a Centre Village Resident, Colin Neufeld, architect at 5468796 architecture, and Bob Somers, landscape architect at Scatliff + Miller + Murray. An online interactive story unpacks the projects within the context of the larger social and economic issues facing the city of Winnipeg, and includes additional maps and photographs.

In-Context is made in association with the support of a growing list of sponsors, including the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), the Canada Council for the Arts, Teknion, the Ontario Association of Architects, and the City of Waterloo.

Watch for the next In-Context video, coming soon. Part 4: Surrey City Centre, set in Surrey, British Columbia, will profile a new central library built within Surrey’s rapidly growing city centre.

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