In-Context architectural video documentaries to screen at London Festival of Architecture

In-Context is a video documentary series and online publication on contemporary Canadian architecture, supported by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Canada is the fastest-growing country in the G8. Two-thirds of the country’s growth comes from the immigration of people from developing nations, and 90% of Canada’s population now lives in big-city regions. In-Context reports on the social, political and economic impact of recent public architecture projects on local communities across Canada. Speaking with architects, city officials, and new and established Canadian residents from across the country, In-Context explores the opportunities and challenges of designing Canadian cities and neighbourhoods within this new urban era.

In-Context is pleased to announce the official release of four new videos in the series:

*Poppy Plaza, Landscape of Memory: Defining A New Urban Frontier. Located in Calgary and designed by the marc boutin architectural collaborative, this is the city’s first significant urban landscape architecture project, located along the bank of the Bow River, illustrating the city’s attempts to improve the quality of their public realm.

*Surrey City Centre Library: Transforming the Edge City. Located in Surrey, BC and designed by Bing Thom Architects, this new library within Surrey’s new City Centre development acts as a social space for a swelling immigrant population within a rapidly transforming suburb.

*Reclaiming the Downtown Eastside: Oppenheimer Park. Located in Vancouver and designed by mcfarlane green biggar architecture + design, the Oppenheimer Park Activity House is a small building that provides essential social programs for the residents of Vancouver’s stigmatized Downtown Eastside neighbourhood.

*K’alemi Dene School: Rebuilding a First Nations Community. Located in N’Dilo Community in the Northwest Territories and designed by Pin/Taylor Architects, this aboriginal school for Yellowknives Dene First Nation people helps to rebuild the strength of this community in the aftermath of the residential school system.

All seven videos premiered in January 2014 as part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, and will be screening as part of the London Architecture Festival (London UK) at Shortwave Cinema on June 17-18, 2015.

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