IIDEX Canada introduces the Bunkie

Responding to a perceived need for overflow living both in cottage country and in the city, the Bunkie aims to deliver a highly functional, transformative space in an elegant form.

The Bunkie began as a medium to experiment in ideas that cross boundaries between architecture and industrial design. A mutual admiration for each other’s work led Evan Bare of 608 Design to join forces with Nathan Buhler & Jorge Torres of BLDG Workshop. The approach taken in the creation of the Bunkie was to create an architectural form that is constructed in  the same way as Evan’s furniture. In this case, that meant a multi-functional space with integrated storage and built with CNC technology. The construction methodology allows The Bunkie to be entirely prefabricated as a complex jigsaw puzzle and shipped flat-packed to site.

The interior is meant to maximize the potential for small spaces by designing for three modes: Sleep, Play and Open.

Sleep mode employs two queen-sized Murphy beds built into the wall and ceiling. A small dining table and a set of four chairs are visually integrated into the main feature wall together and can be detached in Play mode. Open mode provides the most open square footage to allow the Bunkie to function as a studio for art, yoga or even ice fishing.

The Bunkie will be on display during IIDEX Canada, which takes place from September 26-27, 2013 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto.

For more information, please visit www.iidexcanada.com/2013/features/special-features/iidex-presents-the-bunkie-by-the-bunkie-company