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Markson’s Mark

A new book and exhibition considers the quiet influence of architect Jerome Markson on modern and contemporary Toronto.

The New Socially Distanced Contract

Some people are simply more self-aware than others when it comes to social distancing. The bigger question is how this will affect the way we think about public…

For Vittorio

The dismal reality of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit with the first death of a colleague and hero.  I write this just after learning that Vittorio Gregotti…

Optimism for the next generation

What’s on the minds of the next generation of architects? Last December, student  members of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) filled…

Editorial: The New Public Library

In the 2018 film The Public, a group of homeless library patrons refuses to leave a downtown public library after closing time. A cold front has hit…

What can we do about embodied carbon?

Embodied carbon explained “Embodied carbon” is an imperfect term. The word “embodied” sounds like we’re talking about carbon encapsulated in a material.…


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