Viewpoints at the AIBC’s Architecture Centre Gallery

From September 8 to October 6, 2005, patrons will have an opportunity to see the world through artist’s eyes with Viewpoints, a two-man show at the Architecture Centre Gallery in Vancouver.

The experiences of the two artists presented in Viewpoints have been influenced by their past, where they have been, and what they have seen. These interpretations spring to life at the AIBC Gallery, where watercolours, pen and ink drawings, block prints and mixed media are used as representations of familiar places through the eyes of their creators, Steve Palmier and Gary Sim.

Steve Palmier is an architect who practiced in the UK and Honk Kong before settling in Vancouver in 1997. Throughout his travels, Palmier has continued to paint, using his surroundings as his inspiration, attempting to capture the spirit of living in differing environments. Palmier had his architectural drawings exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy and the City Art Centre ni Edinburgh, Scotland and his paintings displayed at the City Art Centre in Hong Kong and locally in Vancouver. He studied Chinese painting while living in Hong Kong, and now continues to practice architecture and painting in Canada.

Gary Sim is an architectural technologist whose artwork is a mix of realistic and abstract ideas in various forms that include pen and ink drawings, three-dimensional work, and experimenting with glass, clay, wire, wood, cut gems, and found materials. In a varied career with positions that include log cabin builder, foundry worker, and foreman for the BC Rail Rock Gang before settling into the architectural field, art has been a constant in Gary’s life. Beyond his artwork, Gary is a photographer, published author, and is involved in the art community as a founding director of the Richmond Community Arts Council, a member (and former Chair) of the Vancouver Public Art Committee and as a volunteer for the Vancouver International Writers Festival.