Vancouver Viewed and Reviewed architecture symposium at UBC Museum of Anthrolopology

Vancouver’s place among the great cities of the world will be the focus of a timely public event sponsored by the UBC Museum of Anthropology in association with CICA, the International Architecture Critics’ Association, and guest curator and critic Trevor Boddy.

From Thursday, June 1 to Saturday, June 3, eight leading architecture critics and urban writers will explore current urban issues and museum-building in some of the world’s most fascinating cities: Mexico City, Rome, Hong Kong, Havana, Dubai, Nairobi, London, Lower Manhattan and Vancouver.

The first two evenings comprise illustrated lectures at downtown venues by Louise Noelle Gras, Joseph Rykwert, Desmond Hui, Roberto Segre, Samia Rab, Yasmin Shariff, Dennis Sharp, and Michael Sorkin, who will discuss recent design and urban trends in their respective cities. The final evening will take place in the Great Hall of the Museum of Anthropology, where the audience will be invited to engage with the critics on the future of Vancouver. Entitled Vancouver Viewed and Reviewed, this forum will also include participation by prominent local Vancouver architects and community representatives.

MOA is an institution dedicated to the study and exhibition of cultures in change. This innovative symposium the first of its kind in Canada offers unique opportunities for international experts and the public alike to contemplate the future of their cities and the museum within them. Tickets are $10 per evening or $25 for a three-evening pass. To purchase, please visit, contact 604.257.0366 or