The Art of Structural Design: A Swiss Legacy

Presented by the University of Toronto Art Centre & Department of Civil Engineering, this exhibition runs from September 27, 2005 – January 21, 2006, and explores the work of Robert Maillart, Othmar Ammann, Heinz Isler and Christian Menn, four Swiss engineers who are widely recognized as the most influential and innovative structural designers of the twentieth century. “Rarely does a new art form emerge to challenge old ideas about artistic boundaries. This has happened in our present age, with the birth of the art of structural engineering,” says exhibition curator David Billington.

These engineers are known not only for the quality of their work, but also for the elegance and beauty of their designs. These designs are explained and animated in the exhibition by scale models of some of the designers most widely recognized projects; original notebooks by Heinz Isler of Pierre Lardy class lectures; a 47-foot-long “hanging book” display with representations of original drawings and photographs; a CD Rom with specially developed project website; a public television documentary of Othmar Ammann, the designer of the George Washington bridge; and an interactive stereoscopic photography display.