Spacing magazine presents IN TRANSIT

Spacing magazine presents IN TRANSIT, a gallery exhibit of photos, paintings, video and audio installations that explore Toronto on the move. This exhibit combines the work of 25 Toronto image-makers and their captured moments of the city’s public transit system, and runs from January 19 to February 28, 2006 at the Toronto Free Gallery located at 660 Queen Street East.

IN TRANSIT is the second of two gallery shows this month to focus on the TTC. The short, successful run of What The TTC Could Be, presented by the Toronto Public Space Committee, challenged people to re-imagine Toronto’s transit system as a blank canvas. IN TRANSIT‘s artists explore the everyday beauty and shared experiences that bring life to our buses, streetcars and subways.

Audio stories are provided by murmur [] from their Spadina project launched in the Fall of 2005

Video contributions are by Steve Denheyer, Michael Higginson, Lise Hosein and Sean Lerner of the TTC Rider Efficiency Guide [].

Paintings are by Ilene Sova [] and Andrew Chui.

Photobloggery is provided by Adam Krawesky, Bouke Salverda, Carrie Musgrave, Chris Sheppard, Danielle Young, David Sky, Edward Jackman, Gayla Trail, Irina Souiki, Jonathan Day Reiner, Jordan Wosnick, Kathryn Abercrombie, Kendall Anderson, Liz Clayton, Matt Blackett, Rannie Turingan, Sam Javanrouh, Tanja Tizianaa.

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