S(E)OUL SCAPE: Towards a New Urbanity in Korea

S(E)OUL SCAPE is an exhibition that recounts the outcomes of the urban and architectural transformation that has involved South Korea in recent years. After a long period of dictatorship, Korea is today at the center of a unique and unprecedented process of economic, social and cultural development which is characterizing the role of this country in the contemporary world.

This exhibition presents an overview of architectural research in South Korea through the projects of six of the most well-known Korean architects practicing today: Chung Guyon, Joh Sung-yong, Kim Young-joon, Min Hyun-sik, Seung H-sang, Yi Jong-ho. Curated by Francisco Sanin, coordinator of Syracuse University’s School of Architecture program in Florence, the exhibition organized by iMage focuses on a series of buildings which have recently been completed in South Korea. The themes range from the investigation of residential typologies to architecture’s relationship to nature; the concept of collective memory; and the form of the contemporary city. The projects developed by these architects tend to produce a new urban landscape for Korea, an alternative to the existing landscape and one that is much more in line with current social and economic conditions.

The exhibition is opening in Florence, at the SESV Gallery, on January 24th, 2008, as the first venue of an international tour. After an introduction by Francisco Sanin and Pai Hyung-min, the six architects featured in the exhibition will present their research during the conference that will take place also on January 24th at 4:00 pm in the Salone dei Duecento of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.