missisSAUGA EX: A Celebration of Culture and Metropolis

Students from the Master of Architecture Program at the University of Toronto re-imagine the urban face of Mississauga in an exhibition at the Mississauga Civic Centre Great Hall, from Tuesday, May 8, 2007 to Saturday, May 12 at 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario.

The Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Designs second year MArch design studio, “Culture and the Metropolis,” collaborated with the City’s Planning and Building Department to use Mississauga as a venue to explore contemporary urban culture and form.

As one of the fastest-growing urban areas in North America located at the heart of Canada’s Golden Horseshoe, Mississauga provides a fascinating case study of urban growth.

In a semester-long project, teams of students chose several different sites in Mississauga and reconceived their purpose and appearance. Projects proposed a wide range of innovative development schemes influenced by the evolution toward an expanded rapid transit system, and destinations where residents and visitors can connect to various communities and environments.

The exhibition will celebrate both collaborative and individual proposals presented as master plans and scale models exploring concepts and how residents would experience these developments.

For more information, please contact Bindya Lad, student Urban Designer, Planning and Building Department by voice at 905.615.3200, ext. 3306, or by e-mail at bindya.lad@mississauga.ca.