Housing for Women by Women in Vancouver

GBL Architects' design is approved by City Council

The City of Vancouver Council has approved a new housing project to be developed, designed, and delivered by an entirely female team. The housing project project by GBL Architects at 546 West 13th Avenue in Vancouver will help address women’s housing needs by providing affordable, fulfilling the team’s goal of women helping women.

Soroptimist International of Vancouver, a non-profit organization focused on the economic empowerment of women and girls, will partner with Vancouver-based developer Purpose Driven Development to bring 135 affordable rental homes to workforce women, senior women, and women-led families.


GBL Architects’ design integrates an efficient envelope with a dynamic, fluid balcony expression. Landscaped terraces and planting at grade contribute to amenity spaces at multiple levels. “The organic, curvilinear, and fluid design aligns with Soroptimist’s aesthetic and values intrinsic to a building for and by women,” says GBL partner Amela Brudar, who is leading the design. A mix of flexible communal areas and smaller contemplative spaces are designed to encourage interaction and entrench a sense of community.