Historical District Renewal Area Student Competition

In November 2005, an international competition on the theme of gentrification of historical districts was launched by Carleton University, under the auspices of UNESCO and UIA. The results of the competition will be presented during UN-HABITAT World Urban Forum III Conference in Vancouver, BC from June 19-23, 2006.

The competition is open worldwide to upper-level interdisciplinary team of students — third year or above, including graduate students. All student entrants are required to work under the direction of a faculty sponsor. Entries will be accepted for individual as well as team solutions. Interdisciplinary teams must be limited to a maximum of five students. Submissions should be principally the product of work in a design studio or related class.

The registration deadline is February 15, 2006. April 30, 2006 is the deadline for receipt of entries. There is no fee to enter. Prizewinners will be chosen by the jury on May 20, 2006.

The design jury will meet at Carleton University in the presence of UNESCO’s national Commission from May 15-16, 2006 to select winning projects and honourable mentions. Winners and their faculty sponsors will be notified of the competition results directly. A list of winning projects will be posted on the Carleton/UNESCO website. Winning students will receive cash prizes totaling $6,000 with distribution as follows:

First Prize: Student $ 3,000
Second Prize: Student $ 2,000
Third Prize: Student $ 1,000

Ten honourable mentions may also be awarded at the jury’s discretion. Winning submissions will be exhibited at the 2006 WUF III Conference in Vancouver, BC as well as being published in a competition summary book by Carleton University and UNESCO.

The jury is comprised of Professor Greg Andonian, Carleton University, Ottawa; Architect Brigitte Colin, Architecture & Cities, UNESCO, Paris; Professor Marco Frascari, Carleton University, Ottawa; Professor Alex Michalos, University of British Columbia, Vancouver; and Architect Jim Scheeler, UIA Vice-President, Washington, DC.

The intention of this competition is to develop a pragmatic interdisciplinary research approach to an urban design proposal for the historical district from the joint perspective of local residents and businesses, and transnational transients and their projects. This will be achieved by designing a Historical District Renewal Area in a selected historical district, responding to issues pertaining to gentrification and urbanization, as identified in the BRIEF. The winning briefs and urban design projects will be used as prototype models for advancing novel guidelines and best practices for the world’s multicultural cities in dealing with issues of historical districts urban revitalization and transformation, promoting social sustainability in these districts. They will be published in a competition summary book.

The urban design project, a Historical District Renewal Area, in a selected historical district will be the meeting place a FORUM for the city’s permanent and transient citizens. The forum will include urban migrants dwellers, users, workers or tourists, including architects, urban planners, politicians at municipal level, technocrats and trans-nationals and invite them to debate the future of the historic city center development and dwelling. It will set the stage to raise moral, ethical and spiritual consciousness of the district’s community and promote peaceful coexistence of its multicultural membership. It will embody the societal aspirations to be in communion to tackle the local issues, problems and challenges that the denizens face individually and collectively. The multi-ethnic community of the district aspires to be in harmony with nature and with itself.

For more information, please visit www.arch.carleton.ca/unesco/ or contact Greg Andonian at the Carleton University School of Architecture at (613) 520-2600 x2868 or gandonia@ccs.carleton.ca.