Héritage Montréal takes measures to continue activities after monastery fire

Héritage Montréal plans to continue its tours and programming after a devastating fire at its headquarters in Old Montréal.

Fire at the Bon-Pasteur monastery (Photo credit: @fujithib on Instagram)

Following the tragic fire that affected the Bon-Pasteur monastery in Old Montréal, the executive committee of Héritage Montréal met to take measures aimed at ensuring the continuity of the activities of the organization.

The major fire affected the entire monastery and its multiple occupants, including the Heritage Montréal Foundation which has been headquartered in the building since 1981. It significantly affected their premises as well as their computer equipment and documents.

As a result of the fire, the archives center, an important and unique collection of documents on Montréal’s heritage and the actions to safeguard and enhance it, were also significantly affected.

“We would like to inform the public that despite this hard blow — which occurred the day after our Annual General Meeting — the activities of Héritage Montréal are continuing with determination. As a result, our metropolis guided tours, which are currently in progress, will continue to be offered, as well as our next edition of ArchitecTours, which will take place as planned this summer, offering a unique opportunity to discover the city’s rich Architectural Heritage. An announcement will be made at a later date to specify the details,” reads a release.

“We would like to express our deep gratitude to the City of Montréal fire department for its quick and dedicated action in the fight against the fire. Their professionalism and their courage made it possible to limit the damage to the building and to safeguard a precious part of our Montréal heritage. We also express our solidarity with our neighbours who have also been affected by this tragedy, both the residents of the Sourire à la vie housing cooperative and the Maison Aurélie-Cadotte and the other cultural organizations housed at Bon-Pasteur.”

“Heritage Montréal is currently working with its partners and other stakeholders to find the necessary material and financial resources that will ensure the sustainability of its mission and its operations, on the way to its 50th anniversary, in 2025 and beyond,” concluded the release.

To assist with relocating their new offices and archives, Heritage Montréal has just launched a campaign in hopes of raising funds. Donations will go towards the relocation as well as setting up a document digitization program in addition to replacing the affected material and equipment.

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