Harbourfront Centre Visual Arts unveils winter exhibits in newly renovated gallery

Harbourfront Centre has announced its winter exhibitions and the unveiling of its newly renovated main gallery space opening Friday, January 25, 2013.

The Main Gallery has been redesigned and renovated to make exhibits more accessible to the public, offering a truly inviting experience for viewers. Head of Visual Arts, Patrick Macaulay, says, “What I’m really excited about with our new renovation is how visible the entire exhibition will be from the outside. It increases how public and accessible our gallery will be. The exhibition space becomes a giant display case.”

The newly designed gallery features work that has been developed specifically for the space, highlighting the integral cooperation between the artists, the curator, and the built environment. Through newly installed windows, visitors now have the opportunity to see art at Harbourfront Centre 24/7.

There will be a free public reception on Friday, January 25th from 6:00-10:00pm, celebrating the unveiling of the new venues and the opening of six exciting new exhibitions in visual arts, craft, and architecture.

Featured in the Architecture Gallery until June 9, 2013, Deep Freeze includes work by Kobayashi + Zedda Architects, Lateral Office and mayer sattler-smith, with a visual arts installation by Erin Riley. Building for the northern climate is a difficult endeavour. Snow, severe temperatures and shortened periods of sunlight are just a few of the variables needed to consider when designing for the North. Deep Freeze analyzes this evolving region and presents projects of new architecture being built in the north by firms allied to the north. It also presents current creative research and advanced inventive insights that respond to dilemmas faced by Arctic development.

A number of exhibitions conclude on April 14, 2013. True North features Kim Dorland, David R. Harper, Catherine Lane, Lisa Myers, Luke Painter, David Trautrimas and Douglas Walker, all of whom attempt to define what the idea of north means to them. Canadian photographer Donald Weber creates a powerful photo installation from his six year sojourn through Russia and the Ukraine in Interrogations. North of Here asks artists to respond to the idea of north defined by location, and features Lise Beaudry, Millie Chen, Gary Clement, Brett Gundlock, Suzanne Morrissette, Janet Morton, Garett Walker and Kathryn Walter. Representing the nexus between traditional craft skills and design processes, Well Done includes the work of Bookhou, Sean Kunz, Manor 12, Graeme Marrs, Jonathan Sabine, Samare, Tsunami Glassworks and Patrick Yeung. And The Device employs four artists – Alexia Bilyk, Andrea Kott, Claire MacDonald and Lindsay Montgomery – who use repetition as a device to investigate and comment on the world around them.

In addition to the six exhibits running in the York Quay Centre, Gold Rush, a photographic series by Brett Gundlock will also be running through June 16, 2013 in the Fleck Dance Theatre. This series documents present-day gold mining in the Yukon and is accessible to ticket holders attending performances at the Fleck Dance Theatre.

For more information, please visit www.harbourfrontcentre.com/visualarts.