Hamilton announced as the destination for the 2015 Ontario Assocation of Architects Conference

As Hamilton leads the province in economic growth and development opportunities, the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) has announced Hamilton as the destination for their 2015 Conference and Annual General Meeting.

2015 will be the first year the OAA will be holding their annual conference in Hamilton. During the four-day event running from May 5-8, the OAA will invite its members from across Ontario and beyond to participate in important discussions about the state of architecture in the province. Over 1,000 architects are expected to attend and tour Ontario’s fastest-growing economy.

Over the past year, Hamilton has attracted more commercial and industrial new developments than any other city in Canada. Hamilton is also at the forefront of a booming real estate market with rising home prices, despite a cooling national average.

During the conference, visiting architects will explore Hamilton’s new construction and investment opportunities along with the city’s notable heritage sites with tours given by local Hamilton architects. Stops will include extensive renewal and restoration projects, such as James Street North and the Hamilton Central Library and Famers’ Market renovations, which earned prestigious recognition at the OAA’s 2011 awards gala.

To kick off the conference, an opening reception will take place at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. The Sheraton Hamilton Hotel and Conference Centre will host ongoing workshops, continuing education seminars, keynote speakers and networking events.

Celebrating forward-thinking design and leadership in architecture, the 2015 OAA Celebration of Excellence Awards Dinner and President’s Reception will take place Friday, May 8, 2015 inside the LIUNA Station. The OAA Awards offer the Ontario architectural profession an annual opportunity to present their work to the public and to their peers; demonstrating the excellence of both individual award winners and the profession as a whole while fostering a greater appreciation of architecture and architects in the public realm.