Halle International Summer School

Halle-Neustadt is an urban project of the modern age. The town was built in 1964, in a period of global growth and expanding industrialization in the GDR. As the socialist hometown of workers in the region’s chemical industry, Halle-Neustadt had lasting symbolic value in the rivalry between the systems. While the founding concept is still relevant, advancing de-industrialization has also brought changes to the urban functions of the town.

The program takes place from September 9 to October 2, 2005, and explores the visionary ideas behind the town’s foundation and introduces Halle-Neustadt as a centre for the production and communication of knowledge. The aim of the Summer School is to encourage a stance that acknowledges the potential and opportunities of Halle-Neustadt during the current process of transformation. The programme "Beautiful Neustadt" focuses on changes in the perception of the town from its beginnings up to the present day. The approach to the perception and form of "beauty{" is thereby seen as something that must be revised time and again.

The Halle International Summer School is joint project of the IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the Thalia Theatre, Halle. In addition to the workshops listed below, "Beautiful Neustadt" will also include further projects, events and lectures where, for example, the history of Neustadt, historic spatial concepts and urban utopias will be discussed. Further up-to-date information may be found at www.is-halle.de

The workshops are as follows:

Beautiful Modernity: City as Subject
The Canadian photographer Arni Haraldsson examines the form and function of representations of modern cities such as Brasilia, Chandigarh and Tel Aviv. In his workshop, Haraldsson introduces observations from the fields of photography, film and video, and develops, with the assistance of participants, a photographic portrait of the late modern pioneer town of Halle-Neustadt. The workshop will be held in English. Participants are asked to bring their own digital or analogue camera.
Number of participants: 5 to 15 persons
Date: September 09-16, 2005
Cost per person: 100.00 EUR

Beautiful Tales: Comic Commentaries from Halle-Neustadt
The Berlin draughtsmen Kai Pfeiffer and Ulli Lust use the medium of comedy to bring us commentaries on everyday urban life. During the Summer School in Neustadt, they will be holding a studio workshop where they and the participants will work on the development of comic commentaries on Neustadt.
Number of participants: 8 to 16 persons
Date: September 12-18 or September 26-October 02, 2005
Cost per person: 100.00 EUR

Beautiful Progress: Recycling Innovations
The Bro Otte Kunow will host an experimental "Competence Centre for Innovators" in Halle-Neustadt, which will have the unique nature of the beauty and aesthetic of progress as its theme. The workshop will start with the construction of models of possible innovations, which will then be installed as dummies or as prototypes in the townscape. This form of provisional innovation should clarify the extent to which the aesthetic of progress is a suitable strategy for urban renewal.
Number of participants: 5 to 15 persons
Date: September 12 to September 25, 2005
Cost per person: 110.00 EUR

Beautiful Matter: Neustadt
The town as a precious material: under the slogan "made of Neustadt", the actual "matter" of Neustadt will be made into souvenirs. Base materials ranging from faade fragments to light switches will be transformed. A newly installed shop will serve as a presentation, communication and sales area for reinterpretations and prototypes. Designers such as Corina Forthuber, Nadja Jeske, Franziska Krger and Oliver Goldacker will contribute to the "Ha_Neu" collection.
Number of participants: 8 to 20 persons
Date: September 12-21, 2005
Cost per person: 100.00 EUR

Beautiful Utopia: Neustadt’s Ark
A working group will develop a social utopia (in the sense of Noah’s ark) for an actual site in Neustadt. The aim is to develop a prototype model of integration and self-sufficiency that could serve, and be explored, as a possible transnational settlement strategy for deserted regions. Following the development phase, certain parts of the project will be realized. Hfner, Lohmann and Sachs conceived the project as an interdisciplinary art project. Their joint projects include "Mehrzweckhalle HafenCity," "Wohnerlebniswelt" and "Douaneville."
Number of participants: 5 to 25 persons
Date: September 15-October 02, 2005
Cost per person: 130.00 EUR

Beautiful Script: Typographic Heritage
This workshop documents and analyzes the typography found around and about Neustadt. Found materials and art projects provide a basis for the development of own typographies that have a connection with the place. The project also aims to include temporary and easily implemented interventions in the public sphere. Nicola Reiter and Claudia Siegel specialized in typography at the HGB Leipzig and now work as freelance designers in Leipzig. The typographer Markus Dreen will contribute as a visiting critic.
Number of participants: 5 to 15 persons
Date: September 19-30, 2005
Cost per person: 100.00 EUR

Beautiful Tales: Ambulatory Hometown
The workshop will gather, invent and communicate stories on the origins and uses of Neustadt. Because of its youth, the town lends itself readily to this dual role. Using high-speed publishing technologies, the stories will be collated in a continually updated series and may be viewed at their places of origin. Markus Bader has developed numerous projects in the field of urban redevelopment. He is co-author of the study Kolorado-Neustadt."
Number of participants: 8 to 18 persons
Date: September 19-25, 2005
Cost per person: 100.00 EUR

Beautiful Formality: Form as Representation
How is an ideology incorporated within a form? And how is it expressed through that form? The workshop is introduced by means of a game of "ideology and form" poker, where the cards list goals and statements from different epochs. The theory that form represents belief is the starting point. Sites in Neustadt should provide the opportunity to analyze and test the extent to which a form that has been subject to change can represent a new ideology. Different forms of media are examined, such as photography, video, models, drawing or verbal concepts. Mona Hahn lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and is a practicing artist.
Number of participants: 8 to 16 persons
Date: September 27-30, 2005
Cost per person: 58.00 EUR

The workshops are open to interested parties from all disciplines but are particularly suited, in subject matter and realization, to students and graduates from the following fields: Fine Art, Architecture, Design, Planning, and the Environmental, Social and Cultural Sciences. Free accommodation is available in the centrally located Summer School quarters, which are simply furnished vacant apartments in prefabricated housing. Please apply by July 16, 2005 at www.is-halle.de or by post to:

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
beautiful NEUSTADT
Gropiusallee 38
06486 Dessau