Green Storage: Sustaining Architecture Through Space Conservation

In the world of “green,” the reuse of an existing building is often greener than building new. Whether renovating or re-purposing an old or historic building, or building new, one proven strategy for saving green space is to make high-density mobile storage an integral part of the solution. By eliminating the space required for multiple aisles, high-density mobile storage systems efficiently compact storage into a smaller footprint, increasing capacity by as much as 100% over stationary storage systems — or freeing up half the space for other activities. No other storage solution is as cost-effective or space-efficient. A cutting-edge example of compact storage aiding in the adaptive reuse of existing buildings can be found at CIVI-TV in Victoria, BC, Canada. Spacesaver Corporation, a Total Storage Solutions provider, manufactures high-density mobile storage and filing systems, as well as steel shelving and related accessories. A division of KI, Spacesaver is ISO 9001:2000 certified. For more information, call 800-492-3434, or visit