Four Canadian projects win Awards of Excellence from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

The Edmonton Federal Building, winner of an Award of Excellence.
The Edmonton Federal Building, winner of an Award of Excellence.

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities has announced their 2016 Awards of Excellence winners. Awards in twelve categories recognizing accomplishments in design, research, policy development, advertising and corporate leadership were deliberated on and awarded to the most engaging projects and engaged individuals in the industry. Four Canadian projects were among the winners.

Nedlaw Living Walls won the 2016 Green Roof and Wall Award of Excellence for the 2,400 sq.ft. biofilter at the Edmonton Federal Building. Nedlaw Living Walls designed and built the living wall under the direction of architectural firm, Kasian.

The two-­storey living wall biofilter covers multiple sides and incorporates a water feature making it the defining focal point in the newly added lobby area. The biofilter is a working element of the building’s mechanical system. The wall draws in dirty air, removes pollutants and returns clean air to the space, thus improving air quality. According to Dr. Alan Darlington (the technology’s founder), “This biofilter actively removes pollutants from the air, generating over 1,500 cfm (700 litres per second) of virtual fresh air. That’s enough ‘fresh’ air to supply two thirds of the needs of over 150 people. And this virtual fresh air is generated using up to 90 per cent less energy than conventional air treatment systems”.

Bridgepoint Active Healthcare in Toronto by Stantec Architecture/KPMB Architects (Planning, Design and Compliance Architects) and Diamond Schmitt Architects/HDR Architecture (Design, Build, Finance and Maintain Architects) also won an Award of Excellence. PFS Studio and MBTW Group were also involved in the project.

The hospital is the subject of North America’s largest post-occupancy study to assess the impact of design on health and wellbeing. This study has linked Bridgepoint’s design quality to patient and staff satisfaction as well as to inpatient healing: the average length of stay for stroke patients has been reduced by 12 days.

The project builds on a 2006 master plan to create a connected campus of new parks, plazas and pathways tied to the Riverdale residential community. The existing site is organized into a nine-square grid with the historic Don Jail occupying the central square. The hospital is located on the northwest edge. The entrances of the hospital and the Don Jail were planned to create a continuous interior public realm, connecting north-south and east-west to the landscape, the city and the community.

The third and fourth Canadian projects to win Awards of Excellence are the Alberta Ecoroof in Calgary, AB by Green T Design and Urban Farming at the Trent in Peterborough by ZinCo Canada.

Green T Design is a full service company specializing in vegetated or green roofs and sustainable building design, providing independent design, planning, project management, installation and maintenance services.

For over 40 years, ZinCo has pioneered the development of a wide range of proven green roof systems designed to succeed in virtually any landscape hardiness zone. ZinCo Canada offers a complete line of green roof solutions permitting the greatest possible expression and flexibility in design, from flat green roofs and roof gardens to sloped green roofs or parking decks.

To view the full list of winners, please click here.